A to Z of Food Storage


Best Storage:

Fridge if cut. Cupboard if whole.

Cut melon stored in your fridge can be portioned and placed in an airtight container. If you can’t eat it all within a few days, pop portioned melon in the freezer.



Cut into cubes and flash freeze on a baking paper lined tray for a couple of hours. Once firm, transfer to a freezer safe container. Another method is to put cubes directly into your freezer container and add a syrup or fruit juice over the top (leaving enough room for expansion). This is if you plan to use them for desserts or drinks once defrosted.

Use it up!

Once thawed, the melon texture will have changed so use in smoothies, yoghurts and desserts.
Collect it in a container in your freezer and when you have enough, blitz in the blender with ice to make your own healthy fruit sorbet or use for smoothies or baking.