Resource Recovery

Promoting the recovery of resources and the diversion of problematic waste from landfill across the region is a principal objective of North East Waste.  It is achieved through shared contracts and individual Council effort. In 2011-12 over 31,661 tonnes of garden organics was diverted from landfill and composted or mulched for reuse across the region. 40,800 litres of used oil and 302 tonnes of E-waste were recycled. The NE Waste continues to look for opportunities and initiatives to increase this diversion, removing problematic elements from our landfills and encouraging the reuse of our limited resources.

The wide variety of specific wastes that present at our landfills and transfer stations can require specialized treatment or methods of disposal to ensure the environmental protection of our region.



NE Waste Member Councils accept a wide range of products for recycling or safe disposal. The 'What & Where' tool below identifies which Councils accept which specific products at their landfills and transfer stations.

Some of these wastes are hazardous or problematic and additional information is provided below or under HAZARDOUS WASTE (link) where indicated by (H)



There are many specific wastes that are considered toxic to our environment and require expert transport and disposal. They include household asbestos, chemicals, paints, pesticides and herbicides, acids, chlorines, bleaches, syringes and poisons that need to be handled with care and kept out of our landfills where they threaten to contaminate land and water supplies.

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This program is supported by the NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy.


Visit your local Council's website for more info on waste and recycling



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