A to Z of Food Storage


Best Storage:


Keep carrots in their original packaging or a container within your fruit and veg crisper. If any become soft, pop them in cold water in the fridge to crisp up again.



Blanch for 2-3 minutes. Cool in ice water. Dry and freeze in an airtight container. Alternatively you can pre-cook your carrots and then freeze them in a container for future meals.

Use it up!

Use them up in juices, or grate and use in muffin or cake recipes. You can also use quite a few in casseroles, stirfries and frittatas. The ends can be kept for future stock – keep a container in your freezer to add stock items too until there’s enough to use. There’s no need to peel carrots, but if you do, reserve the peels to make veggie peel chips. Watch the video: