Food Smart is a FREE program* which will help you reduce food waste at home.

It’s smart, it’s easy, it’s free.

Join thousands across NSW and start saving food and money now.



Step 1: Sign up to Food Smart

When you sign up to food smart you will be on your way to reducing your food waste with a 6-step plan.

Once you’ve signed up, all you need to do is fill out the next survey and then you are eligible to receive your Free Food Smart kit. The following steps and surveys will also be emailed to you.

Sign Up

Step 2: Household snapshot survey

Fill out this survey and tell us what you currently do in relation to household food management. We ask you to do this so we can get a snapshot of how many meals you usually eat at home and what you’re already doing to reduce food waste.

Once you have completed this survey, you can now pick up your free Food Smart kit (includes storage clips, food huggers, tips and hints) at one of the workshops being held in your area or by emailing us at


Step 3: Measure your food waste survey

You are now ready to begin your Food Smart journey. Over 3 days we ask that you measure the amount of ‘edible’ food you throw away. Use your current kitchen tidy bin to measure the volume or an ice cream container, or scales. It’s easy and will take you only minutes of your time to complete.

After you finished this, visit the Love Food Hate Waste website, and follow the email hints and recipes and the tips in your Food Smart kit.


Step 4: Final food waste measurement survey

After 2 weeks of following the 6 steps to reducing food waste at home, we ask that you do a final measurement of your food waste again to showcase how much food waste you have reduced. A couple of minutes is all it will take over 3 days.


Step 5: What changes have you made?

This is your final survey to tell us what changes you’ve made in your household to reduce your food waste.

After completing this survey you will be eligible to attend our Food Smart Celebration workshop which involves making free beeswax wrappers and sharing your Food Smart experience with others in your local community.


Come to one of our FREE Food Smart cooking demonstrations

Join our chef and the Food Smart team and learn how you can make the most of your food with delicious family recipe ideas, clever storage solutions and how to implement the 6-step plan in your household.
Each person attending the free workshop will receive a bag of goodies to help you on your way. This includes bag clips and food huggers as well as tips and a Love your Leftovers pocket cookbook.

* You must have signed up to the Food Smart program prior to attending our Food Smart workshop.