A to Z of Food Storage


Best Storage:

Cupboard or fridge

Keep eggplant dry until ready to use. They can be kept in the fridge loose in the crisper, or a cool dry cupboard for maximum freshness. Wrap cut eggplant in a beeswax wrapper or use a silicone food saver over the cut end. Ethylene sensitive: keep away from foods that release ethylene so they don’t ripen too quickly.



Blanch for 2-3 minutes. Cool in ice water. Flash freeze in a single layer on a baking paper lined tray so they don’t stick together, then transfer to an airtight container / zip lock bag in your freezer. Alternatively, eggplant puree or roasted eggplant can be frozen. Add frozen eggplant straight to your cooking

Use it up!

Grill it, fry it, puree, stew or sauté it! Eggplant is a versatile, super nutritious vegetable that can also be used as a substitute for meat. Try our super delicious Moussaka recipe