A to Z of Food Storage


Best Storage:


Apples last longer in the fridge. Only keep what you plan to eat over the next week in your fruit bowl. Apples produce ethylene, which will speed up the ripening process if kept near other fruits.



Apples can be frozen and used in cooked recipes. Freeze whole, sliced (peel and core first) or stewed portions. To prevent browning of sliced raw apple, dip in lemon juice or blanch for 1-2 mins. Flash freeze whole and sliced apple before transferring to an airtight container / zip lock bag in your freezer.

Use it up!

Blend into smoothies and juices or preserve by making your own chutney or apple butter. Use defrosted apples in recipes as the texture will change. Apples can also be oven dried to create delicious nutritious snacks.