Save Our Scraps! 

If you’re going to be prepping veg this Chrissie, have a bag in the freezer where you put all your vegetable scraps, all of them, including onion skins. After Christmas, boil up the lot for a couple of hours to make a beautiful veg stock (which you can then freeze in time for autumn). 

Bulk buy! 

Instead of buying heaps of packets of snacks and dried fruit and nuts, head to your local bulk food shop! Take your own paper bags (that you would’ve recycled from a previous purchase) and cut out the huge amount of packaging that goes with packets of things. 

Make a list and stick to it! 

Psyching up for the BIG Christmas food shop? Take a minute to really plan what you’re going to make not just for Christmas Day but Boxing Day and the days after. Pull together a list off your plan and stick to it. Having a list is super helpful in the midst of the shopping chaos too – it’s your best friend. 

Think about food and meals you can have over a few days and reduce food waste and save money too! 

Store food appropriately! 

Store salad greens in an airtight container, stand asparagus in a glass or jar with a small amount of water in the bottom and keep new potatoes in a dark place, away from onions. 

Prep your freezer for Chrissie! 

Get freezer smart!  

  1. Your freezer should be set to minus 18 degrees Celsius with all door seals intact. 
  2. When freezing food make sure it is stored in sealed containers to avoid freezer burn and contamination. 
  3. Label containers with the date and store food in single or family portions, so you only need to defrost what you require.