Recycling food and garden waste is easy when you have a green bin.

Most Councils in the Northern Rivers region now offer a green bin service to their residents* (Balllina Shire, Byron Shire, Clarence Valley, Lismore City, Richmond Valley and Tweed Shire.

If you are fortunate to have a green bin service that recycles food and garden waste, and are using it regularly like many other households across our region, then know that you are contributing to a better environment. That’s good for everyone!

Good for our economy:

Recycling food and garden waste is cheaper for Councils and residents than dumping it in landfill. Combined, our Councils can save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, by people participating in this service correctly. That means more money to be spent on other community infrastructure.

Good for our environment:

Recycling food and garden waste through our green bins or home composting is a great environmental opportunity. It saves water, energy and greenhouse gas emissions. Dumping food and garden waste into our red bins which end up in landfill is not cool for our environment. When food and garden waste breaks down in landfill it creates methane – a greenhouse gas 22 times more potent than Carbon dioxide (CO2).

Good for our farmers:

Our food and garden waste is recycled into compost which is then used by our farmers to grow the food we eat. How cool is that! We definitely love our little recycling mantra: Keep it coming ‘round.



Be part of our recycling revolution and Keep it coming round: Let’s all recycle our food and garden waste.

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Home Composting

Another great way of recycling your food and garden waste at home is by home composting. Councils and hardware stores sell compost bins and worm farms. They are quite easy to manage, and a great activity to involve the whole family. Most of the same rules apply to home composting as to recycling with your green bin. However, we do advise not to place meat or seafood or citrus into a home compost or worm form.

Contact your local Council for further information.